Awaard winning boardwalk at Noosa Heads

I am truly proud to have worked on, advocated and voted for these initiatives:


The development and adoption of the Noosa Plan 2020, with provisions to limit the spread of STAs in low density residential neighbourhoods completed, with further amendments due back from the State government for further public consultation.

The development and adoption of Queenslands first local law to manage the impacts of STAs on residential neighbourhoods completed, with ongoing reviews planned in consultation with residents.

Consistently defending against over-scale and out of zone development.– ongoing

Fiscal Responsibility

A zero-base budgeting protocol for Noosas finances, ensuring minimal waste and financial sustainabilityimplemented, with ongoing consultation with council staff and public consultation on annual budgets.

Social Housing/John’s Landing

In partnership with state agencies and NGO’s, provided social housing and support services for 90+ men, women and children living in poor conditions at Johns’ Landing camping ground.completed.

The purchase and rehabilitation of Johns Landing Camping ground completed, with further plans to create a community asset at this location.

Housing Strategy actions to build social/community dwellings at Tewantin and Cooroy in partnership with the State and a community housing due to begin this year.

Housing strategy actions enabling the State to build more social housing units on their land. – awaiting notification from the State Government.

Tourism and Event Management

Limiting the number of commercial events on Noosas Main Beach – implemented and to be reviewed.

Long-term tourism management via the Destination Management Plan with a final draft to be completed after public feedback after the March election.


The expansion of the no-charge bus services to include all weekends. – implemented.

The addition of an extra loop bus during Christmas and Easter Holidays that operates every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm, then every 30 minutes from 7pm to 10pm. – implemented.

Planning for transit lanes for buses, park and rides, paid parking solutions that prioritise access for residents. – ongoing

Community Facilities

Expansion of the Community/Sporting Club Grants and Environmental Grants programs completed.

The upgrade of the Tewantin and Cooroy Sporting Complexesunderway.

The construction of the Olive Donaldson pavilion at Tewantin Sports Complex. – implemented.

The upgrade of the Noosaville Library. – implemented

The shire-wide program of upgrades to disability compliant bus shelters – ongoing

The design and construction of the Hinterland Adventure Playground at Cooroy completed.


The sealing of the Dr Pages Road, hinterland loop completed

The sealing of Teewah Road and Hector Street in Boreen Point – completed

The sealing of Ambulance Street in Pomona completed


Awaard winning boardwalk at Noosa Heads

The restoration of a series of oyster reefs in Noosa River in partnership with the world’s leading environmental science group, The Nature Conservancy. – ongoing

Better long-term protection for our beaches through the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Management Plan – actions to be implemented this year.

The upgrade of the First Point to National Park boardwalk completed

The upgrade of Trail Five linking Pomona to Cooran completed.

Creating the Noosa Shire Waste to Resource Strategy due for implementation this term.

The retrofitting of all council buildings with solar panels, saving ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in power costs. Completed

Yurol Ringtail Forest – partnership between QLD STate Gov, HQ Plantations, Noosa Parks Association and Noosa Council to convert 2400 hectares of former timber plantation and state forest into conservation estate and eventually National Park to create a continuous wildlife corridor linking Tewantin to Pomona.underway

Developing Technological Expertise

The establishment of the Peregian Digital Hub, fostering the growth of digital/creative industries completed

Over the last 10 years it has been a privilege to represent the people of the Noosa Shire as both Councillor and Deputy Mayor. 

I have lived here for 28 years and during that time I’ve been an active member of the community, involved with many groups and serving the community in a variety of roles including journalist, school teacher and local government councillor.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that I have met thousands of locals. They know me and understand that I am here to help them solve problems whenever I can, and to champion projects that are for Noosa’s greater good.

The Noosa Shire is diverse, comprising rural areas, townships, coastal residential areas, and tourist zones. Each area is worthy of the attention of the Mayor and Councillors, and single issues pushed by the loudest voices should not overshadow other worthwhile initiatives and real needs.

If you would like to discuss any of these initiatives, I’d like to hear from you. My contact details are below.

Frank Wilkie
Deputy Mayor, Noosa Council

0413 530 587
PO Box 117, Peregian Beach Qld 4573