As a professional performer and singer, it is from this capacity that I extend my heartfelt endorsement for Frank Wilkie as Noosa’s next Mayor.

Frank’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the artistic soul of our community has been nothing short of transformative. Under his leadership, the Noosa Arts Theatre has flourished into a thriving hub of creativity and cultural exchange, fostering an environment where artists like myself feel seen, supported, and valued. His understanding of the arts as a vital component of society’s fabric has led to his support of various platforms where local talent can shine from theatre groups to Sunny Coast Showdown. From local choirs to nursing home performances. This has not only enriched our cultural landscape but has significantly contributed to our local economy and community spirit, proving that investment in the arts is indeed an investment in our collective future.

It is with great enthusiasm and unwavering belief in his leadership and advocacy for the arts that I support Frank Wilkie for Mayor of Noosa. Anna Quayle

Anna Quayle endorses Frank Wilkie for Noosa Mayor

Anna Quayle