frank wilkie

Frank Wilkie for Mayor:
Protecting our Community, Preserving our Environment

“I’m seeking your support to serve as your Mayor after the March 2024, Local Government Elections and place the needs of residents and the environment front and centre of Noosa Council decisions.”

Delivering quality services, infrastructure and facilities, while keeping rates low.
Vigilance against overdevelopment, reducing STA impacts in neighbourhoods, ensuring Noosa stays Noosa.
Innovative strategies for traffic and parking relief with residents the priority.
Evidence-based efforts to protect our natural assets: forests, beaches, waterways and wildlife.
Focused initiatives for affordable living and community support.
Noosa is a community first. Managing peak period influx in a way that respects Noosa's lifestyle, environment and community identity.
Leveraging the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics to secure what we need: sporting and community facilities upgrades, improving all-abilities access.
Supporting the 7000 small businesses that support many residents' families, diversifying the economy and job prospects through innovative projects.

A new term brings an opportunity to review, refresh and share and build on all the good work that has been done to date and improve in areas that need it.

Local Government is a unique field.

If elected, I will work respectfully, productively and professionally with the community’s choice of councillors to get us up to speed as an effective decision-making body as quickly as possible.

Now is the time to unite and re-focus on the things we value in the long-term interests of us all.

Noosa, Now: Action.

Noosa’s magic is its blend of natural beauty, village-scale built environment and community spirit.

With a strong record of protecting Noosa from overscale development and fostering projects that protect our natural areas, river, beaches, parks and waterways, I seek your support to continue this work, as pressures are only increasing.

I recognise that protecting your lifestyle involves delivering value-for-money quality services, facilities and assets, keeping rates rises as low as possible and preserving the qualities that make Noosa one of the most liveable communities in Australia.

And we can all play a role as joint custodians of this place we love.

Consultation with the community is critical, but we don’t need more surveys to know we need to better protect our natural assets and lifestyle from overdevelopment and peak period pressures or that constant work is needed to continually improve the quality of core-council services, roads, parks, gardens, libraries etc, for the benefit of all.

Having never been a member of any political party, I remain focused on the needs of our community first, not any party or ideology.

On 16 March 2024




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