For nearly 10 years I’ve served alongside Frank (9 of those years with Frank as President) on the Management Committee of Noosa Arts Theatre, a volunteer run organisation with over one thousand members. Throughout that time, Frank has been solid and reliable in his leadership, building trust through his constant presence, listening and responding quickly and respectfully when concerns and challenges arise. I’ve always been impressed by Frank’s solution focussed approach and ability to collaborate effectively while navigating his team toward positive outcomes. 

I know Frank to be unwaveringly true to his word. His tireless diligence and clarity of vision is derived from his genuine love of Noosa Shire and its people, and driven by his selfless desire to serve, enrich and preserve it. With a history of over 10 years on Council and 8 years as Deputy Mayor, his experience, expertise and consistency cannot be understated. 

Frank is deeply compassionate. On endless occasions, I’ve borne witness to Frank’s tenderness and care for all, including the most vulnerable of our community. 

I believe that, with Frank Wilkie as our mayor, Noosa Shire will be in strong, trustworthy hands.

Jo Hendrie