Frank Wilkie made a difference to the residents living on a gravel road in the northwest of the Noosa Shire Hinterland, which used to be a timber track in the late 1800s and, since 1912, a gazetted road.

A long-term resident (since 1987) asked me to contact Noosa Council on his behalf as he was at the end of his tether after approaching the Council over years regarding reoccurring road issues and not being heard, rather ignored, no actions were taken, no communication received. Things went wrong with the road after 2004 when long established camber and tilt in the hilly sections were altered, the natural flow and forces of running water ignored, and therefore severe washouts and deterioration.

However – things changed after I called Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie in December 2017. He responded to my call instantly, had an open ear, and a few days later even turned up to have a look into the issue by himself. AND there is continuity – Frank has always returned my calls, turned up again when needed, delegated to appropriate staff – and now there is effective communication between the Noosa Council and residents at the northwestern end of the Shire, aiming to work as a team to keep the costs low and the road condition convenient and safe.

When I met Frank Wilkie the first time, I thought it would be good to have him as the Mayor – may my wish come true!

Juliana Vogler

Juliana Vogler