A Letter From Team Frank

As Frank Wilkie’s campaign team, we’re four women united against unfounded allegations of bullying and misogyny aimed to discredit him. It’s time to clear the air.

Over the past two terms, Noosa’s male councillors have faced baseless allegations that accuse them of bullying their female counterparts. These claims, which lack substantial evidence, have been thoroughly examined. Live stream footage and reviews conducted by the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) indicate that council discussions did not involve bullying and intimidation.

As women, we find ourselves deeply concerned when gender-based accusations are misused. This detracts from our collective efforts towards gender equality, risks real harm to the individuals wrongly accused, and dilutes Council’s ability to discuss important issues.

“Differences of opinion and open debate help form quality policy. When debate is shut down out of fear, personal attack or legal threats, Noosa Chamber is no longer operating in a democratic environment. Residents are the losers when debate is stifled using gender-based claims.”


Given the diverse views of seven elected councillors, unanimous agreement isn’t expected, nor should it be. While debates can get heated, particularly on issues that Councillors are passionate about, it’s detrimental when the fear of being labelled a bully or receiving legal threats from peers stifles these discussions. This not only undermines the democratic process but also disadvantages you, the residents. For Noosa’s leadership to effectively meet its responsibilities, it’s essential to move beyond these counterproductive dynamics.

Noosa Council decisions are about democracy, not gender or personalities.

Claims that decisions are based on gender or individual traits lack validity and respect for all councillors. Looking at voting patterns for the current Council reveals consensus on key issues. Exceptions exist on topics such as the Noosa Planning Scheme and STA Local Law. Contrary to the narrative, it seems more likely that voting blocs do not align with gender but rather with shared policy perspectives.

Table showing Councillor votes on STA applications

This table shows how often each Councillor voted to refuse an STA application, and how often their vote agreed with the staff recommendation. Stewart, Finzel and Lorentson (the three councillors who happen to be female) voted to approve STA applications, and against staff recommendations, far more often than the male councillors.

Unfounded Allegations from the 2016-2020 Term

In the 2016-2020 term, baseless claims of bullying emerged due to a former councillor feeling marginalised by majority voting on crucial issues, such as planning scheme adjustments to tackle Short Term Accommodation (STA) proliferation and environmental preservation projects.

Councillor voting record - Noosa Plan issues



    • 12/19/2019: Changes to the Noosa Plan (including measures to stop the spread of STA).

    • 11/12/2019: Adopt the Noosa Plan (limit the spread of STA and address impact).

    • 15/8/2019: Refuse application that is contrary to planning scheme

    • 16/3/2017: Stop commercial encroachment on public land

Despite being about policy, these votes were spun by the councillor as gender-based bullying, unrelated to community impact. Fast forward to the 2024 election, and the same councillor, now running for Mayor – after not contesting the 2020 election and instead backing the ill-fated “Future Noosa” group – resurrects accusations of bullying and misogyny. This time, social media posts by the candidate and her spouse provoke aggressive responses, including physical threats that he “…deserves a good old fashioned beating…” against Frank Wilkie. 

“Everyone on our team has daughters (and in some cases, granddaughters) learning from us. What do they learn when disagreements become false claims of bullying? Strong women should model fair debate, not baseless accusations. When such claims silence discussion, it harms our community and deeply affects those accused and their families. Let’s lead by example.”


Dispelling the False Narrative

We advocate for a council where issues are vigorously debated without distortion into false narratives about gender-based bullying. While gender diversity fosters varied perspectives and enhances decision-making, weaponising gender undermines this principle. Disagreement is integral to democracy, and comparing Noosa Councillors’ conduct to Federal and State Parliament standards reveals baseless claims of poor behaviour.

“I’ve served on the management committee of a large community organisation alongside Frank, our president, for 9 years. Differences of opinion have sometimes led to robust discussions – which can be uncomfortable but are always respectfully embraced. I’m grateful to be part of a culture in which psychological safety is valued and a diversity of ideas – both creative and administrative – may be brought freely and enthusiastically to the table. Frank contributes to this culture – his style of leadership has always been one of inspiration and influence; never intimidation and authority.”


Transparency in Practice

Candidates advocating for transparency must practice what they preach. Frank Wilkie has never pursued legal action against a fellow councillor or resident. To truly uphold transparency, candidates should disclose instances of reporting harassment or bullying, as well as any legal threats sent to colleagues or residents, and whether these claims have been dismissed. Failure to do so exposes hypocrisy and undermines genuine transparency claims. Let’s demand transparency not just in rhetoric but in actions, with candidates openly addressing these issues on their campaign platforms.

“Queensland law says that all council decisions must be transparent and accountable. Anyone can watch the videos or read the minutes to see how Noosa councillors voted. It’s obvious to me that Frank puts the interests of residents and the environment first, and that’s why I’m supporting his candidacy for Mayor of Noosa.”


We proudly endorse Frank’s candidacy for Noosa Mayor. With his deep understanding of local issues and extensive experience in governance, we are confident that he will chair meetings in a manner conducive to respectful and productive debate. We trust Frank to lead Noosa Council towards the best possible decisions for residents and our environment.

Trish, Jo, Alex, and Kerry