Frank Wilkie  has a proven track record, he has experienced Council from the perspective of local resident, Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

He’s a politically independent humble man of integrity who is committed to Noosa, its people, communities and most importantly its environment that together create the tapestry that provides Noosa’s enviable lifestyle. 

His longevity as a local resident and wide interests across the Shire provide him with genuine connection to the communities that together, make Noosa. Frank appreciates the variety & character  from Pomona and the hinterland to Peregian Beach’s marine environment  – from fresh farm produce to Arts and theatre performances that enrich us all,  to the coastal delights of relaxed living in sustainable environments across the  Shire.

Frank is reliable in his undertakings and core values and brings to the Mayoral  position trustworthiness, dedication, a good listening ear and an intention to deliver for Noosa’s residents and environment. Like many of us Frank enjoys a run along one of our unspoiled beaches or through the National Park and allocates time to revitalise himself in doing so.

Frank is quick to investigate, research and seek advice when required and is alert to community mood, underlying unrest and community contentment.

He values community input and respects positive contributions to Noosa Shire. He willingly makes himself available to residents and communities to better understand the issues and is quick to respond to messages, developing problems, and actively seeks solutions. If unable to assist he directs the concerns to someone who can or where necessary explains why not and provides reasons.

Frank is genuine in his desire to lead Noosa Council towards sustainability and to ensure Noosa remains a desirable destination for residents and respectful visitors, into the future. As an accomplished orator Frank will represent Noosa within and outside the Shire with ability,  skill and leadership.

-Rochelle Gooch, Bushcare Co-ordinator, Environmental Advocate & Educator

Rochelle Gooch