Shout Out To New Noosa Residents

New Noosa residents - welcome!

Have you settled in the Noosa Shire in the last few years? Without doubt there was a multitude of things to think of in preparing for the move, the move itself, and then settling into a new community. While the first two can seem to happen in a whirlwind, settling in can often take quite a while.

Here in Noosa there are a lot of community groups which, depending on your age group or preferences, will help you to find your new “tribe” – whether you’re interested in music, running, surfing, fishing, crafts, cycling, schools, swimming, theatre, dining, craft beer or volunteering… Noosa has something for everyone. You might find these groups on Facebook, on the Noosa Council website, on sites like, or just by word of mouth.

Did You Forget Something?

One thing that is often overlooked in the settling-in process is changing your address on the Electoral Roll (e.g. in which electorate did you vote in the recent referendum – your old one or Noosa?).

Next year there are two important elections being held in Queensland: in March it is the Local Government election and in October we will be voting in the Queensland State Government elections.

Because many of the locations for your new or continuing interests are supported or fully funded by your local government, i.e. Noosa Council, including

it makes sense for you to become aware of the people who make decisions affecting your lifestyle in your new home, so it’s important to do your research to help you arrive at the very best team possible to lead your Council.

Queensland Local Government Elections – A Little Bit Different

Local Government Elections in Queensland differ from those in most other states, where you might vote for a number of Councillors, with the successful candidates electing a Mayor from within their ranks.

Here, our Mayor is ‘popularly elected’, meaning that eligible residents vote for their Mayor, and then separately for the Councillors they wish to represent their interests. A candidate cannot stand as both Mayor and Councillor.

Have you changed your details on the Electoral Roll?

As you now live in the Noosa Shire, if you are an Australian citizen or eligible British subject, are aged 18 years and over, and have lived at your address for at least a month, you are entitled to have a say in how your Council is run. In order to do this you should ensure that you have enrolled or have updated your address on the Electoral Roll.

To check your enrolment, change your details, or if you are a young Noosa person wanting to enrol to vote for the first time I encourage you to do so at Voting in Local Government, State Government, and Federal Government elections is compulsory in Australia.

Would you like to discuss issues pertaining to the March 2023 local government election? As Noosa’s Deputy Mayor, I am very aware of council operations, issues, and facilities. I would be more than happy to have a conversation with you and you are welcome to contact me directly.

-Frank Wilkie, Deputy Mayor, Noosa Council

0413 530 587
PO Box 117, Peregian Beach Qld 4573