Who Lives In The Noosa Shire?

Frank Wilkie Noosa Housing

When you think of “Noosa” what does your mind conjure?  For most residents it is lifestyle, be it on the coast or in the hinterland. For visitors it might be the beaches, Hastings Street, Gympie Terrace, and Eumundi Markets.  For young travellers it is where they come together on their coastal trek between Byron Bay and Agnes Water.

The thing is, Noosa can be whatever you want it to be. Nestled between the busier southern parts of the Sunshine coast and the Great Sandy Region, the total area of the Noosa Shire is around 870 square kilometres.

Our unique lifestyle balances recreation, health, wellbeing and opportunity within both our natural and built environment. We enjoy rural areas, villages, and towns and inclusive communities. We have a thriving arts sector, sporting facilities to cater to just about every interest, regardless of ability.

The People Of Noosa

As at 2021, the resident population of the Noosa Shire, which forms part of the Kabi Kabi Country, was 56,873, with 51.4% being female and 48.6% male. Sixty percent of you live in the southeast corner of the Shire.

  • 933 people identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • 23.1% of us were born overseas

Around one quarter of our working population have a Bachelor or high degree. The biggest employment sector in the Noosa Shire was health care and social assistance, which employed 14% of our population. This is followed by Accommodation and Food services, Construction, and Retail.  Pleasingly 17% of our residents undertake volunteer work.

Noosa’s Corporate Plan

Our Shire’s recently published Noosa Corporate Plan 2023-2028 lays out your Council’s mission, goals and objectives for this period and aims to provide strategic direction for Council by prioritising and budgeting our activities. 

The Plan was prepared in consultation with business and community groups as well as our staff. It also draws on other research, including:

  • Liveability Survey in 2021, 
  • Climate Response Plan 2021, and 
  • The Housing Strategy consultation in 2022.

I recommend that every resident reads this plan, and I am happy to discuss it with you in more detail. My contact details are below.

Frank Wilkie
Deputy Mayor, Noosa Council
0413 530 587
PO Box 117, Peregian Beach Qld 4573