Noosa Hinterland Communities


Noosa hinterland residents can often feel isolated. If elected as your next Noosa Mayor, I will propose that council meetings be more regularly held in hinterland townships so that residents have a better opportunity to meet face to face with their representatives and officers. 

As well, we will review whether we need to expand the community support programs focused on the well-being of hinterland residents.

Allocating financial resources

When it comes to financial support of our hinterland communities, I will ensure you are not forgotten:

  • The vast majority of the projected total of $150million in grant-funded disaster recovery work is to repair and reconnect hinterland communities.
  • By contrast, council’s entire budget is around $136 million and this year’s capital works program is tracking at @$46 million. 

It’s critical this work continues to be a priority.

I will also request a review of the Guiding Principles for Sealing Gravel Roads. This system ranks the 140+ unsealed roads for sealing according to criteria, such as road safety, accident history, number of vehicle movements/day, number of properties on the route etc.

The review would also consider whether we need to update the criteria in the light of predicted increased risk of fire and flooding.

Hinterland towns remain the priority for the place-making program, where residents describe the identity of their communities and highlight the works needed to improve connectivity and liveability and the features that must be preserved forever.

This program shapes the budget for the capital works and other projects that need to occur in these locations.

As a member of the Hinterland Adventure Playground working group, I understand what it means to deliver quality projects to hinterland communities.

As a regular participant in the arts, I will continue to do all I can to foster live music and cultural events in the hinterland, as they hearten and connect all of us.

Hinterland bus stops

It’s understood that school bus pick-up points in the hinterland are not necessarily at formal bus stops, but occur at the nearest safe pick-up point to a student’s home, and this changes regularly, depending on enrolments.

That said, it is reasonable to expect that all formal general public “pick-up” Translink bus stops have shade-shelters and I can help ensure this occurs.

Community worker/liaison

I know that hinterland residents can feel isolated which is why Council has engaged a community worker/liaison specifically for the hinterland and I will continue supporting council-funded programs run out of Pomona Community House and by the Kin Kin Community group.

I am also committed to ensuring council facilities, especially hinterland halls are eventually all-abilities compliant. This involves an extensive audit and program for upgrading.

Your input

Frank Wilkie runs for Noosa Mayor 2024

If there are specific issues that affect your lifestyle in Noosa’s hinterland communities, or if you have any questions of me leading up to the local government elections on 16 March 2024, I’m more than happy to hear from you by phone or SMS on 0413 530 587 or by email to